7 | Holiday Special


Play It Back co-hosts John Asante and Jia H. Jung revel in the holiday spirit by rapping about their favorite songs of the season, and invite you to add to the official Play It Back Holiday Playlist spectacular on Spotify just in the nick of time for Christmas, Chanukah, and the shiny New Year!

About John Asante and Jia H. Jung

John Asante, producer for WNYC and PRI’s The Takeaway and Jia H. Jung, contributor to PRI’s Global Nation Education news series, met early in 2014 while defending “indefensible” musical artists (Abba and Creed, respectively), at a live storytelling event for The Soundtrack Series. Converging instantly upon their love of storytelling (for The Moth, The Shed Story Salon, etc.), humanity, and sweet MUSIC, they began a creative conversation that led to the launch of the Play It Back podcast at the beginning of 2016. They are excited about the stories that they have told thus far and amped to tell even more extraordinary stories about diverse individuals and the music that they love, hate, and appreciate — the music that has shaped their identities and changed or accompanied the course of their lives.


Five Music Filled Delights for Fine Holiday Fun

1. Play It Back’s Holiday Playlist Spectacular on Spotify – click here, follow, and add your own favorites and/or versions of what’s already there because the holidays can play on all year!

2. Check out the full video of RUN-DMC’s Christmas In Hollis that li’l John Asante discovered while working at American Eagle Outfitters during his high school years.

3. “We Wish You a Turtle Christmas,” a special episode of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in 1994.

4. The “Weekend Update” segment on SNL on December 3, 1994, when Adam Sandler first sang the Chanukah Song.

5. DMX singing Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer for NYC’s Power 105 in 2012.


Hope Play It Back brought some music to your festivities! Subscribe to us on iTunes! Like us on Facebook and follow our Twitter feed! And tell us your tale of the song that accompanied or brought about a special occasion in your life, whether it was a holiday or not. Holler at playitbackradio@gmail.com with your ideas, memories, and musical anecdotes, and  “see you next year!”

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