4 | Lil B – Wonton Soup

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When independent radio producer Todd Whitney first discovered Lil B, he couldn’t quite pin down the quirky Bay Area rapper. Were his songs serious, or was it all an act? On this episode, Todd explains why he gave Lil B another shot — and somehow became a preacher of the gospel of “The Based God.”

About Todd Whitney

Todd is an independent radio producer whose work has been featured on NPR, Transom, KALW, and Audible. You can follow him on Twitter at @ToddLeFou.

Five Tidbits About Lil B’s “Wonton Soup”

  1. You have to see the music video for “Wonton Soup” to really get what Todd is talking about:

2. The Based God is nothing short of prolific. He’s released over 1,500 songs, with “Wonton Soup” serving as one of the biggest hits off the Blue Flame mixtape.

3. Lil B’s first solo hit was the genesis for a dance craze: cooking. Everyone from kids to pro sports players has been doing it ever since. If you’re curious on how to cook, check out this instructional video from the Based God himself and scrub to 1:45.

4. Speaking of cooking, Lil B is very protective of his brand and has been known to “curse” people. He got in a Twitter war with then-Oklahoma Thunder star Kevin Durant (which is best explained here), and is even funnier now that Durant plays for his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors. And then he came after Houston Rockets star James Harden for a very particular in-game celebration.

5. Lil B’s concerts are really as wild as Todd describes in his story. Check out a live show he did in NYC back in 2011.

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